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Ultra Dream Pulse CO2 Laser System


  • The Ultra Dream Pulse System from D.S.E is one of the most technically advanced lasers
    of its kind and combines the innovative design with uncompromising performance.
    Precise tissue vaporization and coagulation, improved surgical visibility and inherent
    sterilization, excellent hemostatic with generally no dressing requirements reduced
    surgical time and minimal post-operative discomfort, precise surgery with minimal
    damage to tissue, minimal necrosis adjacent to the target tissue, and so on are
    affordable with our laser system.

    Unlike others, our Ultra CO2 laser system has unique Ultra Dream Pulse Mode,
    an innovative Ultra Pulse Mode, Super Dream Pulse with which the pulse width and
    the pulse interval are easily adjustable, making a wide variety of surgical applications
    maximum flexible and perfect.
    Please select our Ultra Dream Pulse CO2 Laser, then you will fully satisfied our
    qualified Ultra Dream Pulse CO2 laser system.


  • - Nevus
    - Freckles
    - Birthmarks
    - Corn, Warts etc
    - Syringoma
    - Phimosiectomy (circumcision)
    - Skin Resurfacing
    - Dental Surgery
  • - Tumor Elimination
    - Hemorrhoid
    - Osmidrosis
    - Allergic splenitis
    - Snoring
    - Condyloma
    - Fine wrinkle


Ultra Dream Pulse CO2 Laser
Laser Type CO2 laser
Laser Tube Sealed-off CO2
Wavelength 10.6um, invisible infra-red
Dominant mode TEM00
Divergence <3mrad
Laser Power CW 1W ~ 30W
Super Pulse Mode 1.0ms ~ 1.7ms (Mode A ~ Mode H)
Ultra Pulse Duration 90us ~ 900us (selectable)
Peak Power 315W at 90us
Repeat Time 2ms ~ 500ms (selectable)
Operating Modes Continuous Wave, Normal Dream Pulse, Super Dream Pulse, Ultra Dream Pulse
Beam Delivery
Articulated Arm 7 Joints with purge Air Tubing
Focal Length 100mm / 50mm
Spot Size 0.2mm at handpiece
Aiming Beam
Laser Type Semiconductor Laser Diode
Wavelength 650nm
Beam Diameter 2.5mm at Source
Output Power Adjustable from 1 to 5mW
General Features
Electrical Requirements 220VAC, Single Phase, 50/60Hz
Cooling System Water cooling with Sealed closed circuit
Dimensions 420(W)Ⅹ410(D)Ⅹ920(H)mm
Weight 45kg
Microprocessor Control  
Actuator covered foot switch
Optional Fittings
ENT Handpiece Set
Special Handpiece for 200mm Handpiece
Scanner (Skin Resurfacing Scanner)
Dental Handpiece
Smoke Evacuator (DS-2000EL)
Micro Manipulator & Adapter for Microscope and Colposcopes
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