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Fractional CO2 Laser System with Scanner


  • - Skin resurfacing
  • - Acne Scar
  • - Skin tightening
  • - Wrinkle


  • 1. The MicroXellaser is designed to emit a maximum 324 dots of laser beams on an area of 15mm x 15mm and
        radiate laser light on the skin coherently and homogenously.
  • 2. It is designed to emit beams whose size is as small as the micro unit so it can penetrate the skin
        deeply and reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation as much as possible.
  • 3. It adopts aultra pulse mode whose pulse duration is very short, which, when radiating laser beams
        to the skin, helps alleviate patient's pain and improve treatment effects.
  • 4. It adds many functions of which doctor can make convenient uses and it has an ergonomical design.
  • 5. Since the area to be treated can be adjusted either larger or smaller, it can pinpoint the area to
        perform treatment on it, whatever lesion it may be.
  • 6. Unlikely existing scanner type fractional laser, OurMicroXel MX7000 combines the scanner
        type of Fractional laser and normal CO2 laser treatment which can make various treatments
        through one machine simultaneously.
        Using Ultra Pulse beam can be recovered within one week after treatment of Fractional laser
        and Normal CO2 Laser.

MicroXel laser (scanner type)

  • The MicroXel laser is a product that employs a different drive system for the hand piece to maximizetreatment effects and is also designed and developed as a state-of-the-art product to meet customers' needs in terms of quality, price, and service so it can be available to them without much burden.
    In addition, it enables a cutting-edge laser treatment, where the use of fine laser beams can reduce direct thermal damage to the skin which helps lessen the period of skin regeneration and recovery which, in turn, allows patient to receive treatment without much trouble to daily life. It is multi-functional fraction scanner system that seeks for convenience to handle all functions with one controller and surpasses earlier scanner types through the stability of the product and its ergonomical design.


Laser source
Laser Type CO2 laser
Laser Tube Sealed-off CO2
Wave length 10.6?
Mode Structure TEMoo
Laser Power 1-40W
Energy 4~30mj
Ultra Pulse Duration 90us-900us
Density level Density1 : 2dots x 2dots-8dots x8dots
Density2 : 2dots x 2dots-10dots x10dots
Density3 : 2dots x 2dots-12dots x12dots
Density4 : 3dots x 3dots-15dots x15dots
Density5 : 3dots x 3dots-18dots x18dots
Operating Modes 1. MICROXEL
2. CW mode
3. Ultra dream pulse
4. Super dream pulse
5. Normal dream pulse
Beam patterns 1. Square size(3mm x 3mm~15mm x 15mm):Adjustable free size
2. Rectangle size(3mm x 4mm~14mm x 15mm):Adjustable free size
Beam spot size 100um
Focal Length Scanner handpiece
100mm / 50mm
1-7 Level
Guide beam
Type Laser Diode
Wavelength 655nm
Step adjustable 1-98
Output Power 15mW
Optional handpiece
Beam pattern Grid, Array, Random, Spary
General Features
Electrical Requirements 230VAC, single phase, 50/60hz
Cooling System Water cooling
Dimensions 400 x 500 x 1200
Weight 50kg
Display Touch screen 8.4 Inches color LCD
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